Monitor Privileged Sessions and Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Centrify Server Suite provides full video capture of privileged sessions, tying all activity back to individual users for improved accountability, forensics and compliance.

Gain Granular Visibility into Access, Privileges and Activity while Passing Audits

Identify suspicious changes to configurations and files in real-time and for subsequent deep forensic analysis with a combination of process-level and shell-based auditing.

Ensure session recording cannot be bypassed with host-based auditing.

Prove compliance with reports on every user’s privileges and associated activity.

Proactively identify insider threats and simplify forensic investigations with indexed metadata.

Track high-risk activities through selective audit capture based on audit policies.

Ensure privileges are granted, used as intended and always tied to a user through integrated identity, privilege and audit management.

Find Out Exactly Who Did What, Where and When

Record fully indexed sessions to track exactly who did what, when and on which server. Record all or selected privileged sessions based on your audit policies. View session summaries or pinpoint specific activity by searching event data and video capture of sessions on Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Go directly to any point in the video based on commands or clicks recorded to see both the user action and result.

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Demonstrate Compliance and Simplify Forensic Investigations

Show that security controls are in place and working as designed, and provide proof of compliance. Search and find session recordings by servers, users or custom searches. You can find all sessions for a particular user or server, or for a set of custom criteria, simplifying forensic investigations and proactively identifying insider threats or suspicious activity.

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Prove Compliance with Process-level Auditing

Discover inappropriate activity such as the creation and storage of SSH key pairs in critical system files in order to bypass security practices, and attribute to the individual user. Audit all SSH session activity at the process level in forensic detail for security review, corrective action and compliance reporting.

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Report on Access and Use of Privilege Across Infrastructure

Gain comprehensive visibility with unified access and activity reporting based on a common platform. Report on who did what, where and when, who has access to what and how they can use that access to meet complex regulatory requirements. Select or schedule packaged attestation reports or create your own.

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Streamlined Integration with SIEM, Alerting and Reporting Tools

Privileged access data is captured and stored to enable robust querying by log management tools and integration with external reporting tools. Streamlined integration with SIEM and alerting tools such as HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar and Splunk help further identify risks or suspicious activity quickly.

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Privileged User Activity Auditing: The Missing Link

User activity auditing is the missing element that enterprises require to improve security and speed compliance by quickly establishing who performed which actions on Windows, Linux and UNIX servers.

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