Granular Control Without VPN

Provide your IT administration teams with secure, granular access to infrastructure regardless of location and without the hassles of a VPN.

Secure Privileged Access for On-Site and Remote Administration

Grant IT administrators secure, context-aware access to a controlled set of servers, network devices and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

Enable outsourced IT without the need of including administrators in Active Directory

Control access to specific data center and cloud-based resources without the increased risk of providing full VPN access

Secure all administrative access with context-aware, multi-factor authentication

Single secure access point for administrators to manage infrastructure using shared accounts or their own Active Directory account

Enable secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures for internal users, third party vendors and outsourced IT through a cloud service or on-premises deployment

Secure Access to Servers, Network Devices and IaaS

IT users launch SSH and RDP sessions for resources directly from the Centrify Privilege Service portal. Step up authentication for identity assurance protects your critical assets.

Secure Access for Employees and Third Parties — Remote and On-site

Centrify Privilege Service enables you to authenticate your internal and Outsourced IT users through Active Directory, LDAP and the Centrify Cloud Directory. You can use one or any combination of these identity stores or grant granular, federated privileged access to resources for business partners and third party vendors.

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Grant Access to Specific Resources

Unlike a VPN that gives users visibility to the entire network, Centrify Privilege Service enables you to grant access to resources on a per-resource basis. Give your most privileged internal IT admins access to as much of your infrastructure as necessary, while limiting access by an outsourced team to only the servers and network hardware their role requires.

Secure Remote Access that Follows Your Administrators

Your IT admins can log in and securely access resources from any location that can reach the Privilege Service. For user logins outside the corporate network, you can require Centrify’s multi-factor authentication for security stronger than a user name and password.