Monitor & Manage Privileged Sessions Across Cloud and On-Premises

Identify suspicious user activity, conduct forensic investigations and prove compliance with privileged session monitoring and auditing of shared administrative accounts.

Thwart Attacks, Investigate Incidents and Prove Regulatory Compliance

Monitor privileged sessions across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure

Establish accountability by capturing session information and associating it with an individual

Identify inappropriate use of privileged accounts or the source of a security incident with high-fidelity recordings of sessions

Prove access to privileged account credentials is controlled and audited to satisfy regulatory compliance for SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, PCI, or MAS

Utilize a single source of truth for individual and shared accounts — leveraging a common tool set regardless of account type

Process-level monitoring for high-risk systems that is virtually impossible to spoof

Gateway-based Session Auditing and Video Capture

Capture and collect data in a high-fidelity recording of each individual privileged session on any server or network device across your on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Stores session in an easily searchable SQL Server database for a complete, realistic view of exactly what happened on any system, at any given time.

Prevent Spoofed or Bypassed Access with Advanced Host-based Monitoring

Protect critical applications and files from being inappropriately accessed by monitoring real-time changes to critical system files, such as rogue creation of SSH keys that enable privileged access to bypass the password vault.

Monitor and Terminate Suspicious Activity in Real-time

Gain new levels of oversight for privileged sessions on critical resources. Administrative users watch activity in remote sessions in real-time and can instantly terminate suspicious sessions through their Centrify Cloud portal.

Watch Video

Indexed and Searchable Database of Session Activity

Record all privileged sessions and attribute a specific session to an individual to deliver a comprehensive picture of intentions and outcomes. Searchable playback feature gives IT security managers and auditors the ability to see exactly what users did, and identify inappropriate use of privileged accounts or the source of a security incident.

Easy Integration with SIEM, Alerting and Reporting Tools

Privileged access data is captured and stored to enable robust querying by log management tools and integration with external reporting tools. Streamlined integration with SIEM and alerting tools such as HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar and Splunk help further identify risks or suspicious activity quickly.

Reporting for User, Checkout/Session and System

Customizable and out-of-the-box queries and reports provide information on privileged account access controls, and privileged sessions across Windows, Linux, UNIX and network infrastructure. Search, report on and archive all session data and recordings from the web.

Comprehensive Gateway and Host-based Auditing

Whether deploying privileged session monitoring on a gateway, a server or both, search replay and reporting are all available through a common user interface. By combining gateway-based and host-based auditing, you can proactively identify insider threats, simplify forensic investigation with indexed metadata and ensure session recordings cannot be bypassed.

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Session Recording with Centrify Privilege Service

This video demonstrates how an IT security manager can set up auditing of privileged user sessions on managed servers and then view a detailed replay of sessions by specific privileged users.