Self-service Privileged Access Request System

Reduce risk by minimizing the attack surface with temporary, time-bound privileged access to on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.

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Control Privileged Account Credentials with Built-in Request and Approval Workflows

Enable controlled, incident-based access to privileged account credentials

Require workflow-based management approvals for checkouts and privileged sessions

Automatically limit the duration for which approvals are valid

Monitor privileged access in real-time with the ability to terminate remote sessions

Ensure accountability by reporting on who has access and who granted that access

Easily prove access controls are working as designed by reconciling approved access with actual access

Self-service Request for Privileged Access

Empower IT admins to request temporary access to the specific systems and network devices they need to manage — from anywhere. A simple, intuitive interface enables administrators to request access to privileged account credentials or to request a privileged session to perform a designated task. Access is granted or denied through an automated management approval workflow.

Approval Workflow and Auditing

Increase control over privileged account credentials, or the “keys to the kingdom,” by requiring approvals for privileged access requests. Easy to configure approval workflows ensure managers review and approve access before privileged access is granted. A complete audit trail improves privileged access governance by capturing who requested access, their business need and who approved it.

Time-bound Privileged Access

Minimize the attack surface by granting IT admins access to privileged account credentials or remote management sessions only when they need it and for a specified amount of time. Optionally, monitor privileged sessions for suspicious activity and terminate instantly. Prove that access controls are working as designed with reporting on approved privileged access versus actual access to critical infrastructure.

Privileged Access Request for ServiceNow

Reduce the risk of data breaches by requiring approval for IT users who need access to privileged accounts. IT users of the ServiceNow asset management and configuration management database (CMDB) can request privileged account credentials or a privileged session to access specific servers or network devices for a designated time period. Approvals are granted or denied through a workflow-based management process.