Access and Password Management for the Modern Enterprise

Combines the ability to securely manage and audit access to infrastructure with shared account password management for internal users, outsourced IT and third party vendors. Includes choice of cloud or on-premises deployment.

Benefits of Centrify Privilege Service


Better manage vendor access
Enable secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures for internal users, third party vendors and outsourced IT through a cloud service or on-premises deployment.

Reduce risk of security breach when sharing privileged accounts
Minimize risks associated with privileged accounts — that are increasingly the focus of hackers and malicious insiders — by enforcing centralized control and multi-factor authentication when accessing shared credentials.

Simplify compliance efforts for privileged accounts
Leverage privileged session monitoring and access reporting to make compliance efforts for privileged accounts efficient and effective.


Increase access security
Grant internal and outsourced IT secure remote access to the specific data center and cloud-based infrastructure they manage — with added verification through risk-aware multi-factor authentication and without the increased risk of giving out full VPN access.

Enforce centralized control over privileged accounts
Control who can access privileged account credentials, audit all password check-in/check-out and record privileged sessions leveraging a cloud service, private cloud or data center deployment.

Enable cost effective compliance and audits for privileged accounts
Easily prove compliance with reports showing who has access to privileged and shared accounts and who has used them, supported by full video capture of privileged sessions.


Easily access servers and network infrastructure
Gain access to servers and network infrastructure without the need to establish a VPN connection to the data center or cloud.

Get the access you need
Single service for accessing shared administrative account credentials and single-click access to the infrastructure you manage in the data center and the cloud.

Single location for emergency access to super-user passwords
Get emergency access to super-user passwords for servers and network infrastructure to support break-glass scenarios.


Secure Remote Access to Infrastructure without a VPN

Provide remote administrators, outsourced IT and third party vendors with secure access to the specific servers and network equipment they manage — on-premises and in the cloud. Context-aware multi-factor authentication combined with VPN-less access and a choice of deployment models deliver the robust security your hybrid IT environment demands.

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Simplified Management of Privileged and Shared Account Passwords

Secure and manage super user and service accounts on servers and network devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. Auto-rotate passwords after checkout. Provide security for the modern enterprise where IT is increasingly outside the firewall with a secure service that is faster to implement and delivers quicker ROI.

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Time-bound and Monitored Access to Privileged Accounts

Minimize your attack surface with governed access to privileged roles, account credentials and remote sessions. Keep control with request and multi-level approval workflows, time-bound access and privileged session monitoring. Capture who requested access and who approved it, and easily reconcile approved access with actual access by internal users, outsourced IT and third party vendors for privileged access governance.

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Identity Flexibility for the Hybrid Cloud

Simplify user authentication to Linux servers from any directory service including Active Directory, LDAP or cloud directories such as Google's. Organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without compromising the level of privileged access security and enterprise access they currently have on-premises.

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Detailed Monitoring and Reporting of Privileged Sessions

Consistently monitor privileged sessions, whether using shared accounts or user accounts with privilege elevation, for servers and network devices, both on-premises and cloud-based. Establish accountability and streamline regulatory compliance through session auditing, video replay, search capabilities and comprehensive compliance reporting. IT teams can pinpoint suspicious activity, troubleshoot system failures, and perform forensic investigations into breaches.

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Get Users to Log in as Themselves,
while Maximizing Control over Privileged Accounts

Best Practices for Privileged Identity Management

Centrify’s Identity Management for Privileged Users

Choose the Capabilities That are Right for Your Business

  Server Suite Standard Edition Server Suite Enterprise Edition Server Suite Platinum Edition Privilege Service
Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial
Identity Consolidation X X X
MFA for Privileged Access 1 X X X X
Privilege Management X X X
Auditing and Compliance X X
Server Isolation X
Secure Remote Access X
Identity Broker X
Shared Password Management X
Privileged Access Request 2 X X X X
App Password Management 2 X X X X
Privileged Session Monitoring X
1 Requires Server Suite plus Privilege Service or Identity Service
2 Requires both Server Suite and Privilege Service