Active Directory Bridge

Identity Consolidation for Linux and UNIX

Unify your IT infrastructure by consolidating identity, authentication and access management for Linux and UNIX within Microsoft Active Directory.

The Simplicity of a Single Identity. The Power of Active Directory.

Rapid identity consolidation

Consolidate user identities for over 450 platforms into Active Directory with a non-intrusive solution that streamlines IT processes. Leverage existing investments in infrastructure and skillsets.

Individual accountability. Simplified compliance.

Associate access rights and privileges to individuals through their Active Directory accounts. Ensure accountability and enable comprehensive compliance reporting on who has access to what systems.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce helpdesk burden by enabling single sign-on to Linux and UNIX systems.

Improve security with access controls

Grant users the right to access only those systems required for business purposes based on their job role(s).

Administrative separation of duties

Leverage the power of Centrify Zone-based access controls. Define administrative boundaries for sets of systems that have their own authorized users, administrators, and security policies.


Popular and Powerful Identity Consolidation

Natively join Linux and UNIX systems to Active Directory, turning the host system into a client. Secure systems using the same authentication and Group Policy services currently deployed for Windows systems. Leverage expertise gained through more than 5,000 customers and industry-leading support to manage the complexity and nuance of enterprise Active Directory environments.

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Consolidate User Profiles. Enforce Separation of Duties.

Centrify's patented Zone technology consolidates complex and disparate non-Windows identities into Active Directory for greater security and manageability. No software is installed on domain controllers and no schema changes are needed to store UNIX identity data in Active Directory. Centrify Zones take advantage of Active Directory's own delegation model to ensure separation of administrative duties.
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Consolidate Local Accounts. Secure and Manage Passwords.

Centrally manage the lifecycle for application and service accounts, and automatically secure credentials and access. Minimize your attack surface by using Centrify Zones to uniformly provision and de-provision identities across the systems running your applications.

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Thousands of Successful Deployments Enabled Through Powerful Tools

Built on the experience of more than 5,000 successful customers, Centrify delivers assessment, deployment, migration and management services, as well as innovative reporting tools and wizards. Time-saving automation is made easier with extensive CLI and scripting options.

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Analyst Report

Centrify Cited as Leader in the Privileged Identity Management Wave™ Report

The 10 most significant vendors are evaluated based on 22 key criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence.

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