Provisioning and Workflow

Automatically route application requests, create accounts, manage entitlements within those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. Provision users across apps, all from a central control point.

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Save Time, Improve Efficiency and Security

Save time by automatically creating or updating user accounts across apps

Improve efficiency by deploying the right apps the first time, with SSO

Improve security with automatic user provisioning and role-based permissions within apps

See who has access to which apps, how they received access, and when changes occurred

Manage the app request, approval, and provisioning process with automated workflows

Prevent unauthorized access by automatically revoking access to all apps at once

Automated Account Management

From the day they start to the day they depart, manage employees’ access to all their apps from a single directory. Get automatic user provisioning to the right apps access based on role, manage new device authorization and on boarding, and revoke access when users leave.

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Automatic User Provisioning with the Right Access

Cloud apps are sophisticated. With varying levels of access within each app, app provisioning needs to be sophisticated, too.

Provision users with the right access based on role, and change that access as employees’ roles change. When you revoke access — keep, suspend or delete the app data as appropriate.

Automated Workflows for Provisioning Apps

Not all apps are equal. Some apps need to be restricted due to sensitivity or cost. Enable app requests and approvals. Automate app provisioning through a single user interface. Save time and reduce helpdesk calls.

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Automate App Fulfillment for ServiceNow

App Access Request for ServiceNow

Get more out of your ServiceNow workflows. Enable end users to request new apps through ServiceNow, track approvals, and see their apps fulfilled automatically.

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Monitor and Manage — Simply

Managing who has access to which app can be a challenge. Admins control access to dozens of apps, and don’t have time to check each app individually.

Search by user, role, or app. See login locations, devices used, failed logins, and more. Monitor user access across all your apps — centrally.