Hassle-Free Policy

Today’s attackers will find the weakest link in your security chain and exploit it. That’s why password-based attacks are the cause of more than 60% of all data breaches. But expecting users to put up with constant challenges for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a recipe for stalled adoption and lack of uptake.

That’s why Centrify provides adaptive MFA. Users are prompted for authentication when needed, challenged for multiple factors only when necessary, and granted seamless single sign on whenever their risk is low.

Flexible Policy – Full Security

IT can define flexible policy and deploy it by role, by app, by endpoint, and more – all from a simple management portal. Policy can include location, browser, operating system, network, user attributes, time of day and more – to combine high levels of assurance with low user frustration.

Authentication policy is combined with device management and single sign-on, all in a common platform with a single interface. Thanks to the breadth of context, policy is truly adaptive, and IT can secure access applications, servers, endpoints and infrastructure, all with shared role-based policy.

Balance Security and User Convenience.

Secure your hybrid IT world, without frustrating your users.  Get flexible policy and convenient authentication factors.  Build security based on user context.  Try Centrify Identity Service for MFA today.