Group Policy and Cloud-based Policy Enforcement

Centrify supports the broadest range of centrally enforced user and device policies via Microsoft Group Policy and the cloud-based Centrify Identity Platform. From a single IT console, policies can be defined and enforced for all devices based on type, user role, location and more. Security policies can be applied to Mac, Linux and mobile devices just as they are on Windows. Centrify's Mac policy enforcement automates management via MCX settings, profiles for newer Mac OS X, plist settings, and custom policies to manage other configuration files.

As a complement to its proven, agent-based approach for Group Policy management, Centrify includes a cloud-based option for enforcing policy on Macs that are remote or not connected to the corporate network. To support remote Macs, Centrify leverages Apple’s mobile device support and profile-based management for laptops and devices.

Computer Policies On-Premise
802.1x Settings for Wi-Fi, System and Login Profiles
Account control over Login Window and Local Admins
Crontab entries
Copy files
Custom settings
Energy saver
Internet sharing
Local account password settings
Remote management access controls
Run commands
Scripts for login and logout
Security and privacy for smart card and FileVault 2
Software update settings
SSH settings
Sudoer privilege settings


User Policies On-Premise
802.1x user profiles
Application access settings
Automount settings
Calendar configuration
Contacts configuration
Dock settings
Folder redirection
Import settings for third-party apps
LDAP configuration
Login settings
Mail configuration
Media access rights
Mobility settings    
Printer configurations
Screen saver settings
Security and privacy
System preference settings
VPN configuration