Application Management

Centrally Manage and Silently Distribute Mac Apps

Centrify Identity Service Mac Edition enables administrators to centrally manage and automatically distribute 3rd party and in-house developed OS X applications to end users based on their role in the organization. Application installation is accomplished silently as soon as the user enrolls their Mac, or when the user is added to a role in which the applications are assigned.

How it Works

The Centrify Identity Service uses the same Apple interfaces that enable Mobile Application Management for iOS devices to distribute applications to cloud-enrolled Mac OS X systems. End users will benefit from immediate distribution of Mac applications, regardless of whether their Mac is on the corporate network or at a remote location. Centrify integrates our Mac identity management solution with the Apple Push Notification Service to allow administrators to assign applications to users based on their Active Directory group membership or administrator-defined roles in our Cloud Directory.

Centrify enables IT to install any Mac application silently. No intervention is required of the end users, and they cannot prevent the installation of IT-required applications.

Unified Application Management for Cloud, Mobile and Mac Applications

In addition to distributing native Mac applications, the Centrify Identity Service provides Mobile Application Management for iOS, Android and Samsung devices and can distribute certificate-based Single Sign-On to cloud and on-premises web applications to enrolled Mac and mobile devices. End users can access all the applications they may need on both their Mac laptops as well as their mobile devices.