Centrify for ServiceNow

Centrify Identity Service provides SSO and automated account provisioning for ServiceNow and other cloud apps


ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider of enterprise service management software for not only IT, but also other enterprise functions like HR, finance, and facilities. ServiceNow supports enterprise single sign-on with Centrify Identity Service. With Centrify, IT admins can centrally provision new users, create custom access policies, and automatically revoke access to ServiceNow when needed. SAML integration means employees can log in to ServiceNow using their existing credentials, from desktop or mobile devices. No more forgotten passwords.

With Centrify, IT spends less time and money to roll out and manage ServiceNow and other cloud services, and gets improved user adoption, satisfaction and productivity. Centrify also integrates with ServiceNow workflows to automate access to applications and privileged IT assets.

What’s included?

Integration with Active Directory

A five-minute installation securely connects your Active Directory to ServiceNow. Centrify works without replicating sensitive Active Directory data into the cloud or a third-party, and requires no changes to firewall policies. If your business doesn’t use Active Directory, or wants 100% cloud-based identity for users outside of the corporate network, Centrify supports that too.

Automated Account Provisioning

When IT creates a new user in Active Directory, Centrify can automatically create a ServiceNow account for them, with the correct authorization, and single sign-on access. When that user leaves, Centrify automatically revokes ServiceNow access — ensuring only the right users have access at all times.

Secure Browser Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML

Provide one-click access to ServiceNow — without adding another username and password for users to remember. Centrify leverages SAML for secure authentication without passwords, to provide one-click access to ServiceNow and all your other cloud and mobile apps.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Leverage users’ mobile devices as a second factor of authentication using a single tap app button. Get automated push notifications on wearable devices. And, get simple step-up authentication based on per-app policy via SMA, email, voice, or knowledge-based authentication (KBA) question. Implement MFA without the hassle or, and without creating more helpdesk calls.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Manage and secure all your BYOD and corporate-owned mobile devices with integrated policies across apps, devices and locations — all based on user identity. Centrify’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) features can eliminate helpdesk calls with a self-service user portal to add new deices, and lock or wipe existing ones. Reduce complexity with a single console to manage apps and mobile devices.

Self-service Password Reset

Let end users reset their own passwords from within ServiceNow. Password commits propagate into their enterprise user directory — Active Directory, LDAP, or cloud.

Automated App Fulfillment

Granting  access to apps has always been IT’s job: users request applications from the ServiceNow catalog, business owners approve access, then IT configures user accounts and licensing. Centrify App Access automates away this setup hassle.