Minimize the Risk of Stolen Devices

Leverage endpoint posture — location of device, browser, or OS — to provide secure access. Thanks to flexible authentication factors, users can quickly authenticate to devices and access corporate resources through mobile authentication, Smart Cards, OTP tokens and more.


Secure Access to Endpoints, Without Frustrating Users


Protect endpoints by enforcing MFA for endpoint login


Single Sign-on for apps and resources from trusted devices with step-up MFA available for more sensitive apps and data.


Authenticate seamlessly with mobile MFA without dedicated infrastructure or tokens.

Secure Endpoints with MFA

When passwords are all that stand between attackers and your data, that data is at high risk. That’s why Centrify provides hassle-free MFA across apps, resources, and endpoints — including Windows PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Derived Credentials

Mobile devices can be used for secure mobile access to apps, websites and services that require Smart Card authentication with Centrify’s derived credential solution. This new ability extends Centrify’s integration of identity-based security to mobility, offering secure single sign-on (SSO) in even the most highly regulated environments.
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Smart Card Support

Centrify provides strong authentication via smart cards to ensure compliance with corporate and federal policies for endpoints including Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Centrify’s smart card solution is certified by JITC and NETCOM.

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Risk-based Access and Adaptive MFA

MFA can help protect against attacks based on stolen credentials. But if it’s frustrating or confusing, your users won’t use it — and your organization could be exposed.

The Centrify Identity Platform provides multiple options for implementing flexible MFA for convenient, hassle-free strong authentication. Use machine learning and user behavior to enforce real-time access policy based on risk. Define when to challenge for MFA based on location, device details, network, user attributes, time of day and more. Balance security and user convenience.

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Centrify Identity Platform

Protect against the leading cause of cyberthreats — compromised credentials — with a complete set of solutions to secure the modern enterprise.

  • All Users: Employees, contractors, privileged users, partners, customers
  • All Apps: Cloud or on premises
  • All Resources: Network infrastructure, outsourced IT, Mac and mobile devices
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