Authentication Methods

Security You Need. Flexibility Your Users Demand. Centrify Identity Service.

Centrify Identity Service makes it easy to implement multi-factor authentication for every user. Choose from a comprehensive range of authentication methods, including offline methods, soft token OTP, or your existing hardware tokens. Get the protection you need without sacrificing the convenience your users demand.

Centrify Mobile App

Simplify multi-factor authentication with the free Centrify mobile app. With just one-tap on their smartphone or smartwatch, users can approve an authentication request. Got users who don’t have push notifications?

No problem. They can use a one-time passcode (OTP) generated by the Centrify mobile app.


Need to generate OTP tokens for third party websites that require multi-factor authentication? The Centrify mobile app generates time-based tokens for any OATH-based multi-factor service like Google, Evernote, Amazon Web Services and more. Users simply scan the QR code on the third party website with the Centrify mobile app to exchange secrets. Unlike other mobile authenticator apps, the Centrify mobile app stores shared secrets in the Centrify cloud. That means the secrets and accounts can be centrally managed and made available on any managed device.

The Centrify mobile app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

No Internet or Smart Device? No Worries.

Some users don’t have a smartphone or Internet connectivity. Centrify Identity Service provides a number of ways for these users to provide an additional factor. Get a one-time passcode sent via SMS/text message. Receive phone call to any registered phone number (mobile phone or landline) and press a key when prompted. Click a link sent to your email. Or correctly answer a security question.


Already Got Tokens? We’ve Got Your Back.

Centrify Identity Service plays nicely with third party OTP tokens through OATH and RADIUS support. Whether you currently use traditional hardware tokens like RSA SecurID, USB tokens like YubiKey, or soft tokens like Google Authenticator, FreeOTP or Duo, Centrify allows you to leverage your existing investment or seamlessly migrate to the Centrify mobile authenticator.

Smart Cards? Smart Choice.

Smartcards are a highly secure alternative to usernames and passwords, but the physical cards were never meant to work with today’s mobile devices. Centrify lets you use derived credentials for smartcard-based, compliant single sign-on to your mobile apps — without cumbersome readers.