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Secure every user’s access to apps, endpoints and infrastructure through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and privileged access security.

Our services provide Zero Trust Security for employees, customers, partners, privileged IT admins, and outsourced IT. We cover the bases.
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Application Services

Verify the User
Before Granting Access

Help ensure authenticity of every user to every application through integrated Single Sign-on, Multi-factor Authentication, Workflow and Lifecycle Management and Mobility Management capabilities. Application Services supports both internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).
Protect Your Applications
IAM Solutions - Application as a Service

Feature Highlights



Strengthen security and simplify authentication.


Workflow and Lifecycle Management

Automate identity management.


Adaptive MFA
for App Access

Enforce strong authentication controls with risk-aware MFA.



Simplify access from validated, mobile devices.

Endpoint Services

Secure Access Starts
with Trusted Endpoints

Grant access to apps and infrastructure only from trusted and secured endpoints. Manage and secure your heterogeneous endpoints through a single source of identity and a least privilege access model.

Manage Your Endpoints
access management solutions, IAM products

Feature Highlights


Adaptive MFA & Strong Authentication

Verify identity of users with flexible adaptive MFA and strong authentication controls before access or privilege is granted on the endpoint.



Govern how, when and what users have access to with pre-defined conditions that factor device posture and user behavior before access is granted.


Endpoint Privilege Management

Minimize the attack surface by controlling privileged account usage and providing just-enough privilege for all users on the endpoint.


Device Security Management

Protect endpoints with cross-platform policy enforcement to bolster endpoint security posture and establish trusted devices in the enterprise.

Infrastructure Services

Limit Access for Just Enough,
Just-in-Time Privilege

Minimize the attack surface and control privileged access to the hybrid enterprise with just-in-time and just enough privilege, identity assurance and advanced monitoring and reporting.

Explore Privileged Access Security Solutions
IDAM Solutions, IDAM Products, identity access management

Feature Highlights



Consolidate identities and leverage enterprise authentication services.

Adaptive MFA for
Privileged Access

Reinforce secure access to critical systems and privileged accounts.


Grant just enough privilege across Windows and Linux systems.


Monitor and record privileged sessions and changes to critical files.

Analytics Services

Stop Breaches in Real-time Based on User Behavior

Compromised accounts are today’s leading cause of data breach. In this age of access, trying to build policy that keeps data secure, without stopping user productivity, requires a massive security rethink. Centrify Analytics Service — based on user behavior — stops account-based attacks. Behavior-based scoring enables a frictionless user experience that is adjusted based on risk, improving productivity — while maintaining security.

Discover Data Insights
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Feature Highlights


Access Control

Risk-aware access uses machine learning to define and enforce access policies, based on user behavior.


Identity Intelligence

Build custom dashboards to better understand IT risk, as well as user experience, across applications, endpoints and infrastructure.

Real-time Alerting and Response

Stop threats in progress with prioritized, risk-based alerts from endpoint, applications and IT infrastructure enforcement points.

Investigative Analysis

Offers rich tools to drill into details so that IT security and risk managers can better comprehend access and events.
“Centrify offers features that simply aren’t offered by the competition, and also manages to check key boxes such as user provisioning, reporting, support for consumer identities, and easy access to on-premises applications.”

Tim Ferrill, Author, PC Magazine

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