Centrify and Tenable

Together, we’re better. Centrify has teamed up with Tenable to unlock the synergies of both companies’ solutions.

Strengthen Privileged Access Controls for the Modern, Hybrid Enterprise

tenable and centrify

With privileged access abuse being the leading cause of today’s breaches, it is crucial to secure access to these superuser accounts that represent the “keys to the kingdom”. The Centrify Privileged Access Service achieves this by securely vaulting these shared privileged account passwords and governing their legitimate use via roles and workflow-based approvals.

The partnership with Tenable® allows™ to leverage Centrify Privileged Access Service as an external credential provider for stronger security, access control, and centralized management. can fetch sensitive privileged credentials from the Centrify Privileged Access Service vault at scan time, avoiding the risk and administrative overhead of storing them within

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Why Use the Centrify Privileged Access Service Tenable Integration

  • Privileged system account passwords are the “keys to the kingdom”. Instead of statically configuring them in, relocate them to Centrify’s hardened vault for greater security.

  • Reduce the risk of an attacker cracking privileged account passwords that are simple and rarely changed. Leverage Centrify’s scheduled, automatic password rotation and password policies to ensure passwords are complex and hard to guess.

  • Reduce IT administrative overhead by eliminating manual password rotation and manual update of changed passwords in

  • Ensure has full visibility into systems by providing it with valid login credentials. Centrify Privileged Access Service will automatically reconcile any of out-of-sync passwords at scan time.

Take Advantage of Centrify’s External Credential Provider Plugin for

Through a customized plugin developed by Centrify, can programmatically check out a vaulted credential at scan time. By leveraging this integration, joint customers continue to benefit from the same high-quality vulnerability scanning they’re used to, but with greatly reduced risk of credential theft and data breaches. IT also benefits from greater operational efficiency through centralized credential management and automated password rotation and reconciliation.

tenable and centrify

Your Benefits

  • Protect your privileged account credentials in a secure vault designed for the purpose versus statically in
  • Centrally manage the privileged accounts used by and avoid an additional credential silo.
  • Avoid operational overhead associated with manually rotating privileged accounts on the servers and having to update them in
  • Reduce the risk of privileged account password being compromised with scheduled automatic password rotation and password policies.
  • Ensure can successfully log in to the systems it needs to scan by leveraging automatic password reconciliation.
  • Audit all password checkouts and provide reporting for compliance and audit.

See Centrify Tenable Integration in Action

Centrify Tenable Integration: External Credential Provider

This demo showcases how can be configured to fetch privileged account passwords from the Centrify Privileged Access Service instead of configuring them locally.

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