Centrify and SailPoint Technologies

Apply Zero Trust Privilege Best Practices to Identity Governance

Together, we’re better. Centrify has teamed up with SailPoint Technologies to unlock the synergies of both companies’ solutions.

Organizations continue to struggle with the ability to answer the fundamental questions of ‘Who has access to what?’ and ‘How that access is being used?’. This holds especially true for privileged users. To address this challenge, Centrify has partnered with SailPoint® Technologies to integrate its industry-acclaimed Centrify Privileged Access Management with SailPoint’s market-leading identity governance platform. Organizations will now have the necessary transparency to confidently answer those questions, while increasing their operational efficiency.

Why Use Centrify SailPoint IdentityIQ Integration

  • Centralize provisioning, governance, and identity management processes, including privileged users and their access entitlements.
  • Gain transparency and control of privileged user access entitlements from within SailPoint IdentityIQ.
  • Identify risks and subsequently align privileged user entitlements.
  • Increase operational efficiency in the context of attestation for compliance purposes.

Access Requests for Accounts and Systems

Enable SailPoint IdentityIQ users to submit access requests for remote management sessions to accounts and systems (e.g., servers) via the SailPoint workflow engine. Access requests can be submitted on permanent or temporary basis, depending on the organization’s needs and security practices.

Access Requests for Password Checkout

Apply shared password management best practices by allowing for password checkout from within the SailPoint IdentityIQ platform. Access requests are time-based, offering just-in-time privilege control.

Attestation and Remediation: Current Requests

Display all current privileged user access requests that are stored in Centrify Vault Suite data in the SailPoint IdentityIQ solution, allowing for a granular view of all existing privileged user entitlements to systems and accounts for attestation and remediation purposes.

Attestation and Remediation: Existing Roles and Sets

Display Centrify Vault Suite data in the SailPoint IdentityIQ solution, allowing for a granular view of existing privileged user roles and sets for attestation and remediation purposes.

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Centrify Vault Suite in Action

Centrify Zone Role Request via SailPoint IdentityIQ

In this demo, we show how to request a Centrify Zone Role for privilege elevation, using SailPoint's access request/approval workflow.

Centrify Vault Suite - Account Access Request via SailPoint IdentityIQ

In this demo we see how to request login access to a Centrify-vaulted system account using SailPoint access request and approval workflow.

Identity Certification with SailPoint IdentityIQ

In this demo, we show how Centrify users and roles can be certified in SailPoint through its standard Certification process.

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