Centrify OEM Partners

Selected technology vendors use Centrify Identity-Centric Privileged Access Management technology to strengthen security and enhance the manageability of their platforms. By licensing Centrify’s proven technology, vendors can focus more on development efforts and their core competencies.

What Centrify Can Do for You

Centrify provides SDKs that allow vendors to embed contextual user identity information from enterprise directories and single sign-on functionality into devices, appliances, and/or software applications. Vendors can “bring their own UI” by integrating all Centrify Identity-Centric Privileged Access Management features into their internal applications, cloud portals, mobile devices and hardware appliances.

Centrify SDKs – Covering a Wide Range of Functionality

  • Query enterprise directories like Active Directory/LDAP via RESTful cloud APIs and *NIX/Windows platform APIs for information such as a user, group memberships, manager, OU, etc.
  • Cloud Directory service to store and manage user identities for external users that would not exist in Active Directory (such as customers, partners, dealers and suppliers).
  • Builds Active Directory-aware services for on-premises, cloud- and mobile scenarios, including user authentication via Kerberos, NTLM and MS-CHAP.
  • Develop embedded services to programmatically manage, administer, and provision all the identity, access, and rights-management information stored within Active Directory.


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