Centrify Partner Connect Program

Accelerate Your Business with Centrify

Welcome to the Centrify Partner Connect Program. There’s never been a better time to be in the security industry.

The Centrify Partner Connect Program is a global network of world-class solution providers, including value-added resellers, system integrators and managed service partners.

The program is designed to help partners achieve growth and pro it by delivering Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access solutions.

In turn, our partners can help their customers strengthen their security posture, minimize the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks, meet compliance requirements and reduce IT expenses.

Program Levels


The Connect Program offers a variety of participation levels to suit the needs and priorities of our partners. To learn more please see the CPCP Overview.

Authorized Partners

Authorized Partners have the expertise required to sell Centrify’s solutions. They meet the minimum sales and technical certification requirements; have access to sales tools and collateral, and benefits from the deal registration and rewards programs.

Select Partners

Select Partners have deployed Centrify solutions internally to support sales and technical enquiries. Select Partners have access to sales tools and collateral, as well as additional deal registration discounts, Centrify rewards programs and marketing funds. To learn more, please download the Connect Program Playbook.

Premier Partners

Premier Partners are experts in multiple competencies and make a firm commitment to actively selling Centrify solutions. Premier Partners receive the most competitive deal registration discounts, as well as access to sales tools, reward programs, marketing funds, leads — and Premiers can also leverage Centrify’s sales and marketing organization for support, anytime.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

MSP level allows MSPs to offer Centrify Unified Identity-as-a-Service using a subscription model. Centrify partners can expand their use of Centrify to serve MS customers, and MSP partners to drive identity-secure access to their customers (On premise, In cloud, or Hybrid environments). The Centrify MSP offering opens new sources of revenue for VARs and MSPs and dramatically increases security in hosted environments. Download Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program Overview.

System Integrator/Consulting (SI)

System Integrator/Consulting level is designed to support organizations that only provide advisory, consultation, and delivery of services as their primary business. CCPN offers SI’s beneficial referring fees for partner deal registration as well as other incentives based on maintaining sales and technical certification competencies for Centrify’s full platform. Download Systems Integrators & Consulting Partners Program Overview.