Centrify and Cloudera Secure Enterprise Hadoop


Cloudera is transforming enterprise data management with the industry’s first unified platform for Big Data, built on Apache Hadoop.

Centrify is transforming enterprise identity management by addressing the needs of both end and privileged users across data center, cloud and mobile environments.

Together, our two companies have partnered to deliver robust, comprehensive identity management for Cloudera environments — no matter the complexity.

“While Cloudera offers comprehensive and compliance ready security, we recognize that organizations need to be able to leverage their investment in existing enterprise tools such as Centrify. With this partnership, we can offer a range of access management tools to our enterprise customers that enables them to gain the most value from their investment in Cloudera and Centrify. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Centrify and in providing the best enterprise-grade security for Cloudera customers.”

- Tim Stevens, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera

Centrify Infrastructure Services delivers capabilities specifically for Hadoop environments, is Cloudera certified to ensure customer support from both organizations, and provides seamless compatibility and extensive testing for interoperability. 

By leveraging Centrify Infrastructure Services, Cloudera customers can:

  • Rapidly deploy Cloudera Enterprise in secure mode
    Centrify enables Cloudera Enterprise to run in secure mode by enforcing authentication for users and administrators via your existing identity management infrastructure — Active Directory.
  • Simplify user access to Cloudera clusters through Active Directory-based single sign-on
    By extending Active Directory’s Kerberos and LDAP capabilities to Hadoop clusters, Centrify leverages existing Active Directory-based authentication for Hadoop administrators and end users. This increases user productivity and enhances security as users log in as themselves rather than through shared privileged accounts.
  • Establish regulatory compliance through least privilege policies and user activity auditing across the cluster
    Centrify helps Cloudera customers eliminate the use of root privileges by enabling per command privilege elevation or whitelisted restricted shell. Centrify audits user access to Hadoop clusters, records user session activity, centrally stores session recordings, and ensures accountability through correlated activity across the cluster.

Centrify Infrastructure Services and Cloudera Enterprise solution is already in joint production across thousands of Hadoop nodes. Centrify provides support for Cloudera through automated service account creation and distribution, documented integration guides, tools/scripting and tech support.

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