Enterprise Identity Access and Governance with Centrify & Clear Skye ILM

Stop breaches before they start, gain instant visibility to risk and accelerate identify operations with Centrify and Clear Skye ILM. The joint solution combines Centrify’s proven IAM capabilities with Clear Skye ILM’s intuitive workflows and automation powered by the ServiceNow Platform.

With Centrify, IT can centrally provision new users into thousands of SaaS and on-premise applications, create custom access policies, and automatically revoke access when needed. Centrify’s enterprise-grade identity access management makes it easy for IT to deploy and secure employee access to confidential systems.

With Clear Skye ILM, the business governs access to Centrify applications natively in ServiceNow. Gain instant visibility to risk with centralized management of all accounts and entitlements in ServiceNow. Control risk through automated on/off-boarding workflows that delivers employees access needed for day one then promptly removes access on the last day of employment. Continually manage risk through a closed loop system with automated access requests and actionable access re-certification tasks.

The result: Centrify combined with Clear Skye ILM reduces the risk of data breaches while lowering the cost to deploy and manage 3,000+ SaaS applications while improving user adoption, satisfaction and productivity.

  • Directory Integration and Single Sign-on
    Improves user experience and productivity while eliminating password reset calls — a top support cost. Leverage your existing Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure to provide access to cloud and on-premises apps and resources.
  • Mobile Device Management and Security
    Mobile Device Management with integrated multi-factor authentication including wearable device notifications, for all applications that require additional scrutiny.
  • Centrify Mac Management
    Join Macs to Active Directory and manage them with Group Policy. Make Mac mainstream with full IT control. Easily deploy and manage Dropbox with Centrify for Mac.
  • On-Premises App Gateway
    Secure, one-click, remote access to internal web apps like SharePoint, and SAP, without the hassles and risk of VPN. Productivity for employees, partners and suppliers. Visibility and policy-based control for IT.

Unified Identity & Lifecycle Management

Onboarding Process


Access Certification


Off-Boarding Process



  • On Boarding: leverage pre-built workflows and automation to seamlessly provision system access for new hires
  • Off Boarding / Rouge Accounts: immediately disable access for terminated employees or other system accounts they may be rouge or malicious
  • Access Requests: provide documented access to secondary systems or environments from intuitive portals
  • Employee transfers: ensure employee access rights are reviewed and changed when their job functions changes
  • Access Certifications: on a scheduled basis verify confidential systems are accessible to only the individuals that require it — instantly revoke access of individuals who aren’t cleared for access.
  • One-click access to 3,000+ SaaS and on-premises apps and resources with no integration hassles
  • Time savings via automatically creating, updating or de-activating user accounts across applications and resources with workflows for managers and LOB approvals
  • Visibility into who has access to which applications and resources, how they received access, and when changes occurred.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access by automatically revoking access to all applications and resources in an instant.
  • Join Macs to Active Directory. Manage Macs with Group Policy and App Management