Secure Access on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform

Blackberry has partnered with Centrify to provide an even greater level of security for highly regulated customers in the government and financial sectors that use Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.
Together, Blackberry and Centrify deliver a turnkey solution for using smart card-derived credentials for secure access to thousands of apps and servers on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform. Centrify’s mobile identity solution is certified “Secured by Good”, allowing for easy and secure single sign-on (SSO) to apps and privileged password access to servers.

BlackBerry customers can use Centrify Application Services to port their smart cards into Good’s mobile container, thus gaining strong authentication for securely accessing mobile apps and obtaining privileged passwords to servers without further need of the smart card. Using Centrify’s mobile app on the Good Dynamics marketplace, any customer can install Centrify on Good-secured mobile devices. This means an organization can easily deploy Centrify for its mobile users and begin benefiting from the many security features of Centrify Application Services products.

Centrify solution benefits for Blackberry customers:

  • Customers can get secure MFA access to cloud and on-premises apps and servers from mobile devices with a second factor including smartcard/derived credentials, certificates, and biometrics. MFA can be applied flexibly via policies based on context of app, device, location, time, user role and more.
  • Customers can leverage SSO access to thousands of cloud and on-premises apps, all from within the Good secure container.
  • Support for accessing custom apps from the Good secure container without the need to redeploy or recompile the app with specialized SDKs.
  • Customers can leverage secured mobile devices for privileged secure remote access to server resources or retrieve break-glass access to mission critical server passwords from their Good-secured mobile devices.