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At Centrify, we build meaningful relationships with customers, resellers, alliance and technology partners that will help to drive the evolution of your business.

Centrify Channel Partner Network

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The Centrify Channel Partner Network is a global system of resellers, system integrators, and distributors ready to help you choose and deploy the best Centrify solution for your needs and your environment.

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The Centrify Channel Partner Network is designed to help partners achieve growth and profitability by delivering complete unified identity management solutions that meet your customers' diverse needs.

Our Alliance Partners

Centrify works closely with a variety of SaaS, cloud, mobile, Big Data and data center tech partners to deliver seamless, joint solutions that leverage our unified identity management technologies.

  • adallom

    Centrify and Adallom have partnered to help customers securely embrace the surge of SaaS applications. With SAML and EMM integrations, Centrify and Adallom enable easy access & deployment for SaaS apps with deep visibility, monitoring user behavior & activity and data leakage risk analysis inside SaaS apps.

  • alfresco

    Alfresco has partnered with Centrify to offer cloud SSO for its customers across the world and provide a frictionless experience for customers seeking to leverage their Active Directory identities for seamless access to Alfresco in the cloud, on mobile devices, or on-premises.

  • amazon web services

    Centrify helps AWS customers to automatically join & secure new IaaS servers to enterprise Active Directory domains and provide role based access controls. Centrify simplifies deployment and access to AWS Console users with SSO and provisioning.

  • Appcelerator

    Appcelerator has partnered with Centrify to deliver Mobile Authentication SDKs for Titanium app developers to leverage "Zero Sign-On" authentication to cloud services leveraging Active Directory.

  • apple

    Centrify is uniquely positioned to help Apple enterprise customers with solutions to manage and secure Mac systems, iPhones and iPads using Active Directory. Centrify is the industry's best solution for policy-based control of Mac systems, along with smart card login support.

  • aqua connect

    Centrify and AquaConnect have partnered to simplify identity management with an enterprise grade solution to Mac customers. Centrify provides secure single sign-on to Aqua Connect's Mac remote desktop services, so users get anywhere, anytime access to Macs whether remote or on-site.

  • Leveraging a strategic partnership and built on Azure, Centrify's Identity Service boosts user productivity and streamlines IT by extending Active Directory based secure access & management to cloud servers, SaaS apps and mobile devices.

  • blue coat

    Centrify's Identity Service integrates with the Blue Coat Web Security Service, to provide a single Active Directory or cloud-based login to corporate resources, including mobile devices, Macs or SaaS apps.

  • bluejeans

    Centrify provides Blue Jeans customers with unique mobile "zero sign on" by eliminating password sprawl with Active Directory-based SSO for Blue Jeans, making users happy while giving IT centralized control over access.

  • box

    Centrify and Box have partnered to give Box users seamless access to Box across all devices with secure "Zero Sign-on" and providing centralized mobile app & identity management using their existing AD infrastructure.

  • bullseye

    Centrify and Bullseye have partnered to give Bullseye users single sign-on and provide IT with centralized management and security using their existing Active Directory infrastructure.

  • canonical

    Centrify is a Gold Software Partner of Canonical and certified to meet Ubuntu's ease of use and performance standards. Canonical distributes Centrify Express through its Ubuntu Software Partner Repository.

  • citrix

    Centrify enables Citrix customers to seamlessly leverage Active Directory to centrally control authentication and access to their XenServer deployment and its Linux and Windows guest VMs. Centrify lets organizations easily add Citrix XenServers into their Microsoft infrastructure without additional overhead or identity repositories.

  • CloudBees

    Centrify provides cloud identity management benefits including SSO for CloudBees Platform as a Service(PaaS) app developers for the DEV@cloud, Jenkins CI, and RUN@cloud platforms.

  • cloudera

    Cloudera has partnered with Centrify for a secure identity solution for Hadoop. Centrify seamlessly integrates Cloudera's platform into existing Active Directory infrastructure for centralized authentication, access control, privilege user management and audit access across Cloudera clusters.

  • Code42

    Centrify enhances endpoint data security for its popular Mac product CrashPlan and its SharePlan SaaS product with Mac and cloud identity management solutions providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

  • concur

    Concur has partnered with Centrify to provide an integration that unifies user authentication, access and mobile management across all platforms and devices. Concur customers benefit from faster onboarding & simplified access.

  • Centrify has partnered with Couchbase to solve the identity management and audit needs of their high performance, always-available applications built with enterprise NoSQL for data centers and connected devices.

  • Centrify and DataStax have partnered to provide a solution that addresses the identity management and audit needs for the most complex DataStax deployments, without introducing new identity management infrastructure.

  • docusign

    Centrify and DocuSign have partnered to provision DocuSign mobile apps to users with an EMM, enable quick adoption of DocuSign with enterprise SSO and an easy rollout for IT.

  • dropbox

    Centrify simplifies the deployment of Dropbox for Businesses with Active Directory integration and Mobile Application Management to deploy Dropbox Mobile Apps for easy user provisioning & onboarding.

  • elastica

    Centrify and Elastica offer a joint solution to protect enterprises as they adopt cloud services. The combination of Elastica's CloudSOC™ and Centrify's Identity Services gives enterprises control over access to cloud applications and then assures that these applications are being used for business purposes without the risk of data leakage.

  • EMC

    As a strategic technology partner of EMC, Centrify's technology is embedded in EMC E-Discovery appliances to offer unified and seamless authentication for user sessions with Active Directory.

  • google

    Android for Work

    Centrify helps Google to enable Android for Work solutions for business customers looking to adopt Android smart phones and tablets. Centrify's EMM and IDaaS solutions leverage existing enterprise identities for Android app access and provide a unified mobile app, user and device management solution.

  • google

    Google for Work

    Centrify and Google have partnered to give Google for Work users with single sign-on to authenticate users to Google Apps using Active Directory, provision users, and enable multi-factor authentication for secure access.

  • hp

    Centrify supports Hewlett Packard's HP-UX operating system on both the PA-RISC and Itanium platforms for Active Directory authentication, access control, policy enforcement, privilege management and session auditing.

  • hortonworks

    Centrify's Server Suite seamlessly integrates Hortonworks platform into the most complex Active Directory environments found at enterprise customer sites with a simple and straightforward secure identity solution across Hadoop clusters.

  • huddle

    With Centrify Identity Services, Huddle is leveraging the use of secure AD credentials and further enforcing multi-factor authentication for its platform customers.

  • IBM

    As a member of IBM PartnerWorld, Centrify supports a range of IBM enterprise platforms including AIX 5L, WebSphere, Informix, System Z, SONAS and Storwize V7000 storage for Active Directory bridging and powerful privilege management.

  • mapr

    Centrify greatly simplifies secure identity management for MapR's Big Data platform. MapR has partnered with Centrify to leverage customers' existing Active Directory infrastructure to address authentication, authorization and auditing of access to Hadoop.

  • marketo

    As a Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem partner, Centrify helps Marketo customers benefit from secure and single click access to Marketo and the applications they use every day. Marketo users now have seamless and secure one-click access to Marketo's externally hosted marketing SaaS applications across any type of approved device.

  • mongo db

    Centrify's integration with MongoDB greatly simplifies setup process and allows MongoDB to seamlessly integrate into the most complex Active Directory environments found at enterprise customer sites with hundreds or thousands of employees.

  • Netapp

    As a NetApp Alliance Partner, Centrify helps Netapp customers leverage Active Directory for identity management and access control of UNIX and Linux users and their files stored on NetApp storage servers.

  • netexam

    Centrify eliminates password sprawl with Active Directory based SSO for NetExam customers, making its users happy while giving IT centralized control over access.

  • netskope

    Netskope is the leader in safe cloud enablement. The Netskope Active Platform gives IT the ability to find, understand, and secure cloud apps. Only Netskope empowers organizations to direct usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, for any cloud app so the business can move fast, with confidence.

  • netsuite

    Netsuite has partnered with Centrify to provide unified authentication and access for NetSuite users on any device and provide IT with Active Directory integration, mobility management and secure multi-factor authentication for Netsuite deployments.

  • office365

    Centrify for Office 365 is an Azure-based service that can provision and deploy O365 with fast Active Directory integration, single sign-on and mobility management. Centrify is a certified "Works with Office 365" identity partner.

  • oracle

    Centrify enables customers of WebLogic, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux platforms to implement Active Directory authentication, access control, privilege management and auditing of user sessions.

  • rallys

    Rally's cloud-based platform lets customers run Agile development for complex multi-site teams. Centrify and Rally have partnered to give Rally users with password-free access to Rally's platform across cloud and mobile devices. Rally users can work on projects on the go and out of the office with Centrify.

  • Centrify has been certified as Red Hat Ready for RHEL Linux environments. Centrify helps bridge Red Hat servers and workstations to Active Directory with powerful privilege management and user session auditing & monitoring.

  • rightscale

    Centrify provides scripts for Rightscale customers to manage cloud deployments for groups of servers. Using Centrify RightScripts, administrators can deploy any of the 400+ operating system platforms supported by Centrify to secure them automatically.

  • Samanage

    Centrify decreases the cost of rolling out and managing Samanage along with other essential IT cloud applications while at the same time improving user adoption, satisfaction and productivity with mobile zero sign on solutions.

  • Samsung

    Centrify and Samsung have partnered to enable enterprise-class mobility and security. Through an OEM partnership, Samsung customers leverage mobile app "zero sign on" on Samsung devices along with cloud based mobile app and device management.

  • sap


    As a SAP certified solution, Centrify for SAP Netweaver is a secure and reliable solution that reduces help desk calls, improves end-user satisfaction, and strengthens security with single sign-on for SAP NetWeaver, using Active Directory.

  • sap


    Centrify supports Single Sign-On to more than 20+ separate SAP Cloud apps like SuccessFactors, Ariba, SAP for Sales, SAP for Social, SAP CRM On demand, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and more. Centrify is a SAP Partner Edge member and has Certified SAP integrations for NetWeaver and SAP GUI.

  • service now

    ServiceNow has partnered with Centrify to provide secure, Active Directory-based single sign-on and user provisioning for ServiceNow. Centrify decreases the cost of rolling out and managing ServiceNow while improving user adoption, satisfaction and productivity.

  • splunk

    Centrify and Splunk are partnering to offer Splunk customers the Centrify Add-On for Splunk, so users have the option to leverage Active Directory integration provided by Centrify to manage authentication and access control for Splunk clients deployed on UNIX and Linux systems.

  • SSH

    Centrify and SSH Communications have tested and verified interoperability of Centrify DirectControl and SSH Tectia on all platforms they share in common.

  • sugarcrm

    Centrify has partnered with SugarCRM to provide drop-in integration with Active Directory, without the need for specialized knowledge, dedicated infrastructure, or firewall reconfiguration to deliver secure single sign-on.

  • Centrify helps centrally secure and manage SUSE Enterprise Linux systems with Active Directory authentication, access control, policy enforcement, privilege management and session auditing.

  • vmware

    As a VMware TAP Alliance Partner, Centrify's support for ESX Server strengthens security and streamlines operations by establishing a single point of administration — Active Directory — from which customers can securely configure ESX Server systems, control access to those systems, and provision and manage administrative and end-user accounts.

  • xmatters

    Centrify eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords for users of xMatters by integrating SAML with customers' existing Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. xMatter administrators don't need to create a new directory infrastructure, and they can begin provisioning users to xMatters on day one.

  • zscaler

    Centrify and Zscaler have teamed to provide customers with single sign-on to Zscaler's cloud-based security platform from mobile devices and web browsers, and integrated cloud-based enterprise mobile management for devices and apps, assuring that security policies can be enforced regardless of location or device.

  • Zendesk

    Zendesk has partnered with Centrify to offer cloud SSO and automated user provisioning for its customers to provide a frictionless experience with quick customer onboarding and seamless access to Zendesk from any endpoint.

  • Zoom

    Centrify and Zoom have partnered to give users single sign-on to Zoom on any device that simplifies user collaboration, and provide IT with a centralized mobility, app and identity management solution.


Seamless Compatibility with Active Directory

Centrify and Microsoft have strategically partnered for many years to help our mutual customers benefit from extending Active Directory natively to data center servers, mobile devices and cloud applications.

Centrify and Samsung

One-click Mobile Sign-on to Enterprise Apps

Centrify and Samsung have collaborated to provide key enabling identity & mobility management technology for Samsung‘s mobile enterprise security solutions.


OEM Opportunities

Many security, mobile, networking, storage and cloud vendors today use Centrify’s technology to strengthen security and enhance manageability of their platforms and applications. Using Centrify’s Identity Platform SDKs, vendors have embedded IDaaS, EMM and IAM technology on millions of devices, thousands of hardware appliances, and many cloud platforms.