Secure Administrative Access via Jump Box

Minimize Risk of Breach and Contain Damage

Centrify Vault Suite provides distributed jump host capabilities for privileged access eliminating the risks associated with allowing direct connections to critical infrastructure from potentially infected workstations. Unlike VPN connections that grant full access to infrastructure, Centrify Vault Suite enables security teams to prevent lateral movement by controlling exactly which systems an IT Admin can access.

Assure Privileged Access Starts from a Trusted Source

Reinforce the Zero Trust principle that workstations are not trusted for privileged access.
Eliminate direct connections into sensitive environments to avoid introducing infections and malware.
Centralize access to distributed infrastructure while preserving your private network’s isolation.
ensure clean source

Native and Web Clients for SSH and RDP Access to Servers

Centrify’s secure admin environment provides the flexibility to support privileged access from native SSH or RDP clients or any browser. Web-based SSH access to Linux and web-based RDP access to Windows servers eliminate software requirements on the admin’s workstation other than a browser.

Distributed Jumpbox

Centralized Access to Multiple Data Centers, DMZs, or Cloud Providers

You can deploy Centrify Platform’s gateway connectors in any private network. Outbound HTTPS connectivity is the only requirement, allowing the Centrify Platform to centralize access to your systems distributed across multiple data centers, DMZ environments, and IaaS virtual private networks.


Desktop Apps Support for Native Windows Application Access

Privileged access to rich applications and databases (TOAD, SQL Server Management Studio, VMWare vSphere) is provided through a centralized remote desktop environment to enable privileged access to these applications from a secure administrative environment to protect privileged accounts from potential exposure to malware.

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