Privilege Elevation Policy Management

across all three platforms

Secure Privileges Across Windows, Linux, and UNIX

Centralized roles and privileged access security policies simplify management of a least privilege model across heterogeneous environments. Centrify Zones provide the hierarchical management model flexible enough to reflect unique organizational structures while leveraging inheritance to enable scale. Centrify Server Suite supports delegated administration and clear separation of duties.

Simplified Policy Management Across Heterogeneous Environments

Make conversations with auditors and compliance a breeze with consistent privileged access security policies, enforcement, and reporting across heterogeneous environments.
Control privileges across more than 450 versions of Windows, Linux, and UNIX with a single solution, while ensuring proper separation of duties between policy owners and system administrators.
Simplify administration of policies through Active Directory enforced access controls using LDAP, PowerShell, and Linux CLI-based administration.
Ease management with privileged access security policy inheritance, local overrides, and a delegated administration model that matches your organizational structure.
Ensure compliance with tightly integrated policies that govern privilege grants. Privileged access security policies control what a user can do, MFA, and what gets audited.
Leverage Centrify Zones for scalable management of user roles, server roles, and privileged access security policies. Hierarchical management enables delegated administration.
policy model

Hierarchical Policy Model

Robust and structured policy model for Windows, Linux, and UNIX simplifies proof of compliance and lowers maintenance costs. The hierarchical design of Centrify Zones allows you to manage the way you are organized with departmental, role-based, and or computer-based delegation to the correct administrative teams.


Centralized Policy Management

Managing policy in Active Directory results in a consistent approach towards privileged access security that improves visibility and governance. Centrally creating and consistently enforcing policies with a least-privilege model grants the right privileges on the right infrastructure at the right time, which minimizes the risk associated with user error, malicious attacks, and security breaches.

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