Just-in-Time Privilege

Just in Time

Time-bound, Temporary Roles Grant Just-in-Time Privilege

Minimize risk by requiring administrators to request roles to obtain the privileged access they need to manage systems and network devices for just the amount of time they need — from anywhere. Access request for privileged roles, password checkout, and privileged sessions enables organizations to maintain zero standing privilege with a flexible, just-in-time model that accommodates dynamic business needs.

Minimize Cyber Risk Exposure & Limit Lateral Movement

Enable controlled, incident-based access to privileged roles.
Require workflow-based approvals for roles, credentials, or privileged sessions.
Automatically limit when privilege can be used and for how long.
Scope use of privileged roles to specific applications, services, or systems.
Ensure accountability by reporting on who has access and who granted that access.
Easily prove access controls are working by reconciling approved and actual access.
screen zone role

Self-Service Role Requests for Just-In-Time Privilege

Enable administrators to elevate privilege by requesting a role assignment to obtain the rights they need to perform tasks. Centrify’s privileged access request system streamlines role assignment and approvals. Role assignments can be long-lived, or expire and the administrator goes back to zero standing privilege.

workflow report

Multi-Level Approval Workflow & Auditing

Easy to configure multi-level approval workflows ensure managers and other approvers review and approve access before privileged access is granted. A complete audit trail improves privileged access governance by capturing who requested access, their business need and who approved it.


Support for Mobile Approval

As a SaaS service accessible from anywhere, Centrify Platform workflow service streamlines the approval workflow process by sending approval requests to a supervisor’s device, allowing for timely approvals and increased productivity.

Just-in-time Privilege

Govern Privileged Access

Minimize the attack surface by enabling temporary and time-bound access for login and privilege elevation for just-in-time privilege. Prove that access controls are working as designed with reporting on approved privileged access versus actual access to critical infrastructure.


Privileged Role Request via Third Party Solutions

IT users can request time-bound access via Centrify Platform’s native self-service workflow, or optionally, via integrations with ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) and SailPoint Technologies® identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions.

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