Local Account & Group Management

Manage Local Accounts and Groups Efficiently

With the Centrify Authentication Service, customers can streamline the management of local accounts and groups across their heterogeneous infrastructure. Centrify automates the creation of local accounts and integrates with password vaults where necessary for services or applications to centralize all account and group management within one management platform.

Centralize and Automate the Management of Local Accounts and Groups

Centralize the life cycle management of local accounts and user identities.
Automate integration with password vaults for simplified password management.
Centrally manage local groups to enforce consistent security policies.
Leverage Centrify Zones to create default local accounts across sets of systems.

Consolidate and Provision Local Accounts

Centrally manage the lifecycle for application and service accounts, and automatically secure credentials and access. Minimize your attack surface by using Centrify Zones to uniformly provision and de-provision local accounts across the systems running your applications.


Secure Local Account Passwords with a Vault

Life cycle management for local accounts includes customizable integration with existing password vaults, automating the account registration and password vaulting for newly created accounts. Password vault integration simplifies the administration of these accounts and ensures their passwords are secured upon creation.


Standardize and Secure Management of Local Groups

Centrally manage Local Groups for consistency across a set of computers as well as to ensure only the correct members are in those groups. Administrators manage membership and know that it is not changed outside the centrally defined configuration for critical security groups such as the wheel group.

Centrify Local Account Management

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to manage local accounts, ranging from provisioning to securely storing and managing unique local account passwords.

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