Group Policy Management

Enforce Group Policies for Users and Heterogeneous Systems

Centrify delivers comprehensive support for extending group policy management to non-Windows systems. It’s the only solution to provide user and computer policies with advanced features such as group filtering and loopback processing.

Seamlessly Manage Configuration for Systems’ and Users’ Environments

Enforce Active Directory Group Policy across Windows, Linux, and UNIX to standardize security configurations in heterogeneous environments.
Automate security configurations such as Kerberos management, host-based firewall, and OpenSSH for consistency — cross-platform.
Standardize user environment configurations on Linux, such as screen auto-lock after inactivity and desktop environment configuration (Gnome).
Screen Group Policy

Enforce Active Directory Group Policies Across Non-Windows Platforms

Centrify Authentication Service applies configuration settings to each appropriate managed system and the users logging in to it. For each computer, Centrify contacts Active Directory to determine the relevant policies and copies them to a set of virtual registry files. System files are refreshed in the same way as Windows: On-demand, at user log in, on computer restart, and at periodic intervals defined by group policy.

Centrally Manage Authentication, Privilege, and Audit

Organizations can use group policy to automate firewall and SSH configuration, decide which users can connect to each system, drop inactive sessions and provide network-based authentication. Centrify Server Suite manages authentication, privilege, and group policies through a single agent that can:

  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs and complexity using Active Directory tools enterprise-wide.
  • Centrally configure policies the Centrify Agent uses to authenticate, grant privilege, and audit.
  • Strengthen security with automated management of configuration files for groups of computers.
  • Efficiently control crontab files, firewall settings, screensaver, and password lock.
  • Automatically issue and renew PKI certificates for each computer for stronger identification.
  • Enable security managers to define global policies without specific OS and system information.
  • Leverage ready-to-use group policies for Linux and UNIX to shorten time to value.

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