Gateway Privileged Session Recording, Monitoring, and Control

Track Privileged Access Activity

Identify suspicious user activity in real-time to thwart in-progress attacks. Govern privileged access and expedite security incident investigation by monitoring, controlling, and recording remote sessions. Gateway-based monitoring captures sessions where host-based auditing is not possible for a complete view into privileged activity.

Govern Privileged Access

Watch suspicious privileged sessions across systems and network infrastructure.
Terminate suspicious remote privileged sessions in real-time.
Establish accountability by associating privileged sessions and activities with an individual.
Investigate abuse of privilege with high-fidelity recordings of sessions.
Prove sessions and activities are controlled and centrally audited for regulatory compliance.
Easily integrate with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), alerting, and reporting tools.
Monitor and Terminate Suspicious Activity in Real-Time

Monitor and Terminate Suspicious Sessions in Real-Time

Gain new levels of oversight for privileged sessions on critical infrastructure, including network devices. Security teams watch users' activity in remote sessions in real-time and instantly terminate suspicious sessions using the Centrify Platform.

Gateway-Based Session Auditing and Video Capture

Gateway-Based Session Auditing and Video Capture

Capture and collect high-fidelity recordings for privileged sessions on any server or network device across cloud and on-prem infrastructure. Establish a holistic view of privilege used on any system, by any user, and at any given time by storing session recordings in Centrify Platform insights.

Index session events to quickly identify privilege abuse with host-enforced privileged access auditing.

Report on Access, Checkouts, Sessions and Use of Privilege Across Your Infrastructure

Prove Regulatory Compliance with Privileged Access Reporting

Gain visibility into privileged sessions with Centrify Platform insights. Centrify Platform centralizes login and session events for regulatory compliance reporting through Centrify insights. Customizable reports for PCI, SOX, and HIPAA are available.

Easy Integration with SIEM, Alerting and Reporting Tools

Quickly Respond to Security Events

Streamline integration with SIEM and incident response tools such as IBM QRadar, Splunk, and PagerDuty to stop in-progress attacks. Privileged access data is stored centrally to enable robust querying by log management tools and integration with existing reporting tools.

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