Secure Administrative Access via Jump Box

Eliminate the Potential for Workstation-Related Infections

The Centrify Privileged Access Service provides distributed jump host capabilities to support privileged admin console activity across various private networks from a protected environment to eliminate the potential for workstation-based infections or malware from accessing sensitive systems. This secure administrative environment enforces a privileged access best practice to ensure access is only provided from a clean source built into the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solution versus direct connections from admin workstations to sensitive systems.

Assure Privileged Access is Always Coming from a Clean Source

  • Reinforce the Zero Trust principle that workstations are not to be trusted for privileged activity, privileged sessions or access to privileged accounts.
  • Avoid introducing infections and malware into sensitive environments
clean source

Native Versus Web Clients for SSH and RDP Access to Servers

Centrify’s secure admin environment provides the flexibility to support privileged access from either native SSH or RDP clients or any browser for web-based SSH access to Linux, as well as web-based RDP access to Windows servers to eliminate any software requirements on the workstation other than a browser.


Centralized Access to Multiple Data Centers, DMZ Environments or IaaS Providers

Centrify Server Gateways can be deployed within various private networks with outbound HTTPS connectivity to the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services to support centralized access to distributed systems across multiple data centers, DMZ environments as well as various IaaS virtual private networks.


Desktop Apps Support for Native Windows Application Access

Privileged access to rich applications and databases (TOAD, SQL Server Management Studio, VMWare vSphere) is provided through a centralized remote desktop environment to enable privileged access to these applications from a secure administrative environment to protect privileged accounts from potential exposure to malware.

Learn how organizations can establish core privileged access controls across their growing attack surface.

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