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Privileged user access increasingly requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to comply with regulations as well as to ensure that only authorized human users access privileged accounts and systems versus malware or bots trying to impersonate your IT staff. Centrify provides full multi-factor authentication capabilities from the simplest of authenticators to the more advanced authenticators to ensure compliance at NIST Assurance Level 2 or 3 for access to the Centrify Privileged Access Service and all protected accounts and systems.

Ensure Compliance with Robust MFA Services


Native Support for Advanced Federated Authentication

There are other situations where the user may authenticate from an external authentication system into the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services via Active Directory with Kerberos/IWA or via an Identity Provider (IDP) such as Idaptive™, Okta®, Ping Identity® or Microsoft® ADFS or Azure™ using SAML. Third parties such as outsourced IT support, external developers or vendor support can be configured to authenticate their own staff internally and access the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services via federation to eliminate manual account management for third-party access to your sensitive systems.

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MFA for Vault Operations

Authentication policies define the factors required for vault access based on the context of the user when logging into the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services. Centrify Privileged Access Service supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) or step-up authentication for various vault operations such as account password checkout or privileged account login.

Centrify Supports a Broad Range of Multi-Factor Authenticators

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