Delegated Privilege Role and Policy Management

Simplify the Management of Heterogenous Environments

Centralized roles, rights and privilege policies simplify management across heterogeneous (UNIX, Linux and Windows) environments. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services policies are stored in Active Directory separate from other common objects to support delegation to Server administrators and separation of duties from Active Directory administrators , preventing server admins from managing AD objects they should not. In addition, Centrify provides a hierarchical policy model designed to support common enterprise management models for top-down centralized control with centrally managed common roles and rights while also supporting departmental, role-based and computer-based delegation to subordinate administrative teams for rights assignments to systems.

Simplified Policy Management Across Heterogeneous Environments

policy model

Hierarchical Policy Model

Consistent and structured policy model for both Windows and UNIX/Linux enables compliance and lower cost of maintenance. The hierarchical nature allows you to manage the way you are structured. Departmental, role-based and or computer-based delegation to the correct administrative teams.


Centralized, Heterogeneous, Policy Management

Managing both Windows AND UNIX/Linux policy in Active Directory enforces a consistent approach towards privileged access security and in addition, creates the proper separation of duties between policy owners and system administrators. This heterogeneous approach ensures shorter audits and eases compliance.

Learn how the Privilege Elevation Service minimizes the risk exposure to cyber-attacks caused by individuals with too much privilege.

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