Gateway Connectors

Seamlessly Scale Privileged Access Governance

Cloud transformation changes the enterprise landscape, resulting in distributed infrastructure, dynamic workloads, and network complexity as organizations leverage emerging technologies such as the cloud, containers, and microservices. Centrify Platform’s gateway connectors establish secure communication between Centrify Platform and new network segments, seamlessly extending visibility.

Bi-Directional Communication Without a VPN

dia-Gateway Connector

Automate connection of infrastructure in new network segments to Centrify PAM without modifying firewall policies or re-architecting your PAM solution. 

Simplify and Secure

Connect infrastructure for visibility

Secure remote access for administrators

Easily extend PAM across infrastructure

Gateway connector diagram 1

Extend Infrastructure Visibility

Centrify Platform leverages hub and spoke architecture that makes it easy to secure privileged access to resources anywhere without requiring public-facing IP addresses or knowledge of the network configuration. Gateway Connectors are the spokes facilitating instant Centrify Platform-to-system communication for consistent policy enforcement across your entire infrastructure.

Gateway connector diagram 2

Securely Grant Admin Access to New Infrastructure

Instantly provide admins, outsourced IT, and third-party vendors with secure, VPN-less remote access to the infrastructure they manage — on-premises and in the cloud. Using your choice of clients, access through Centrify Platform’s gateway connectors increases security by eliminating direct connections from potentially virus- or malware-infected laptops.

Gateway connector diagram 3

Enable Continuous Discovery, Enrollment, and Management

Centrify Platform’s gateway connectors preserve your private network’s isolation by leveraging persistent outbound connections that join the network to the Centrify Platform. This secure communication channel enables infrastructure discovery, automated enrollment in the Centrify Platform, and consistent enforcement of PAM policies.

  • Connect infrastructure for visibility
  • Secure remote access for administrators
  • Easily extend PAM across infrastructure

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