Multi-Directory Brokering

Identity Flexibility for Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud

Simplify user authentication to servers from any identity provider, cloud directory, or federation partner including Active Directory, LDAP, Google, Centrify, or Okta. Organizations can take advantage of the cloud economy without compromising the level of privileged access governance and enterprise access security they expect on-premises. In addition, IT managers save the time, cost, and complexity that replicating identity infrastructure and identities requires.

Reduce Complexity with a Centralized Directory Service for Elastic Infrastructure

Broker authentication against cloud directories, LDAP, and Active Directory without direct connections from Linux or Windows systems.
Automate enforcement of authentication policies for elastic infrastructure while granting admins access to new workloads with existing identities.
Centrally govern privileged access for users authenticated against corporate directories, without creating new identities or identity infrastructure.
Grant just-in-time privileged access for outsourced IT, outsourced dev, and other trusted 3rd parties through temporary tokens or SSH certificates.

Simplify and Secure Authentication to Linux and Windows Servers

Centralized multi-directory brokering simplifies user authentication services for Linux and Windows resources in your dynamic hybrid- or multi-cloud environment. Centrify Cloud Authentication Service via the Centrify Client seamlessly manages brokered authentication against any identity provider and applies security policies to determine whether to grant access, require MFA, or deny access.


Scale Access Controls to New Users and Workloads Dynamically

Extend your access policies and controls to new users during M&A, outsourcing of IT and development teams, and third-party vendor services simply by connecting new identity providers to Centrify Platform’s directory service. Centrify enables just-in-time admin access for new users without their having to wait for local account provisioning. Continuous discovery of elastic infrastructure and automated enrollment of systems in the Centrify Platform ensures users across all linked identity providers are granted the right amount of privilege to access and manage new workloads.  


Single Point of Authentication Control for Distributed Infrastructure

Enable centralized authentication and access controls to geographically dispersed infrastructure, leveraging identities from one or more identity providers. Extending authentication services in dynamic multi-cloud and on-premises environments is easy with a simple and secure gateway connector. The gateway connector eliminates the hassle of designing a complex PAM architecture, replaces the need for full-VPN access, and keeps your systems isolated from the public network.

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