Authentication Policy Management

Centrify Platform’s Unified Policy Management

Quickly secure privileged access for humans and applications with globally defined policies that are centrally managed and enforceable across any environment — without replicating identity infrastructure, creating new identities, or introducing identity silos. Centrify Platform’s unified policy management enables you to govern privileged access in your cloud environment by dynamically distributing policies to elastic infrastructure for enforcement. As a result, users in your corporate directory or identity provider have secure just-in-time access to new workloads.

Privileged Access Management for Elastic Infrastructure

Whether it’s a few or thousands of Linux and Windows systems in the cloud, Centrify Platform automates continuous discovery, system enrollment, and enforcement of privileged access security policies.
Delivers a flexible solution for establishing consistent just-in-time access and least-privilege security models for a diverse set of users, roles, and policies across elastic and on-prem infrastructure.
Controls and governs system access, privileges, and auditing with a management model that scales through inheritance, reducing duplicate roles and policies that will result in privileged access abuse.

Definitive Privileged Access Security Policies

Centrify Cloud Suite makes it easy to eliminate identity and authentication policy silos by brokering authentication against a single, definitive identity in your corporate directory while controlling that user’s access and privilege with optional multi-factor authentication (MFA). The resulting centralized management model for identities and privileged access establishes the foundation for a zero standing privileges approach to minimizing your attack surface.


Dynamic Privileged Access Control Boundaries

Create sets of systems with like security requirements, function, or geographical location within Centrify Cloud Suite that, when combined, govern users’ and applications’ access. Security is more robust when dynamic policies consistently grant users scoped privileged access to elastic cloud infrastructure and revoke it when jobs change. Centrify Cloud Suite establishes logical boundaries around systems that prevent attackers from lateral movement in the case of a security breach.


Enforce Zero Standing Privilege with Just-in-Time Access and Privilege

Centrally define roles and security policies that control access and privilege for humans and applications to implement Zero Trust principles. With Centrify Cloud Suite, you create relationships between a user, job functions, and system criticality that result in privileged access security policies that grant just enough privilege for a scoped set of infrastructure and for a limited amount of time.


Designed for CloudOps and DevOps Automation

Centrify’s automation capabilities continually adapt security controls to changing environments. Centrify “sets” group systems into manageable units. Applying user access policies to sets establishes a security baseline for all systems in the set. Enrollment designed for CI/CD pipelines seamlessly integrates new workloads into the Centrify Platform. Automation ensures new systems are added to a set and inherit the baseline security.


Balance Zero Standing Privileges and Scale with Just-in-Time Access

Implement a zero standing privileges security model that reduces the risk of a breach – at scale. Grant users the privileged access they need to do their jobs, but only the minimum amount, when they need it, without disruption. Centrify Cloud Suite combines workflow-based approvals for privilege grants with robust access security policies, so you granularly control when users access which systems and whether to require MFA. Inheritance of policies and roles that grant privilege reduces overhead to enable scale.


Local Enforcement of Centrally Managed Policies

Centrify Platform’s unified policy management makes it easy to centrally manage user identities and authentication policies while consistently enforcing privileged access security controls on the host. Centrify Client enforces security controls directly on the host, unlike alternative solutions that create more privileged accounts and backdoor access, to minimize your attack surface and aligns with best practices for zero standing privileges.

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