Local Account Management

Consolidate and Provision Local Accounts

With the Centrify Authentication Service customers can consolidate application and service accounts into Active Directory and enforce zone-based access to centrally managed local accounts. This eliminates disparate application and service accounts while ensuring an identity life cycle management framework that strengthens security, lowers IT costs and streamlines your organization.


Centrally Manage the Life Cycle for User Identities and Local Accounts

Organizations with hundreds or thousands of UNIX and Linux systems are often plagued with managing user, application and local service accounts. With so many independent and overlapping identity silos, consolidating identities and accounts into a single directory can be challenging and time-consuming. Most solutions manage user identities and local accounts separately, adding complexity and cost to an environment.

Secure Local Account Access and Passwords

Establish a single application or service account that spans servers to simplify life cycle management and minimize your attack surface. Centrify Zones streamline provisioning and ensure application and service accounts are limited to the right set of servers. Centrify securely stores and manages unique local account passwords, while centrally controlling access to local account passwords.

Go beyond the vault and properly verify who requests privileged access with Authentication Service.

See Centrify Authentication Service in Action

Centrify Local Account Management

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to manage local accounts, ranging from provisioning to securely storing and managing unique local account passwords.

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