Active Directory Bridging

Identity Management and Consolidation for Linux and UNIX with Active Directory Bridging

Centrify Authentication Service allows customers to unify their IT infrastructure by consolidating identity, authentication and access management for Linux and UNIX within Microsoft Active Directory. In this context, Centrify was the first vendor to integrate UNIX and Linux into Active Directory supporting multiple identities for a single user. In the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management (PAM), Gartner specifically calls out Centrify’s unique strength in this area, which is a popular capability among customers and prospects alike due to its potential to increase IT productivity, lower IT maintenance costs, and reduce the attack surface.

The Simplicity of a Single Identity. The Power of Active Directory.


Popular and Powerful Identity Consolidation

Natively join Linux and UNIX systems to Active Directory, turning the host system into a client. Secure systems using the same authentication and Group Policy services currently deployed for Windows systems. Leverage expertise gained through more than 2,000 customers and industry-leading support to manage the complexity and nuance of enterprise Active Directory environments.


Consolidate User Profiles. Enforce Separation of Duties.

Centrify's patented Zone technology consolidates complex and disparate non-Windows identities into Active Directory for greater security and manageability. No software is installed on domain controllers and no schema changes are needed to store UNIX identity data in Active Directory. Centrify Zones take advantage of Active Directory's own delegation model to ensure separation of administrative duties.


Enforce Group Policies

Centrify delivers comprehensive support for extending group policy management to non-Windows systems. It’s the only solution to provide user and computer policies with advanced features such as group filtering and loopback processing. Group policy configuration settings are seamlessly integrated into the Centrify UNIX Agent to manage configuration of both the system configuration and user’s environment.


Complex Active Directory Environment Support

While many vendors claim support for Kerberos, only Centrify provides native support for all the complexity and nuance of Active Directory. For example, the Centrify UNIX Agent has robust support for automatic discovery of the nearest domain controller, the global catalog, one- or two-way trusts, multi-site environments, domain controller failover and disjoint Active Directory-DNS namespaces.


Thousands of Successful Deployments Enabled Through Powerful Tools

Built on the experience of more than 2,000 successful customer deployments, Centrify delivers assessment, deployment, migration and management services, as well as innovative reporting tools and wizards. Time-saving automation is made easier with extensive CLI and scripting options.

Go beyond the vault and properly verify who requests privileged access with Authentication Service.

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