Indexed and Searchable Events

Find suspicious user activity, conduct forensic investigations and prove compliance. Centrify Audit and Monitoring Service creates an indexed, searchable archive of all recorded sessions across Windows, Linux and UNIX that lets you quickly locate any recorded activity for an individual or a set of users. Prove that controls are working as intended, prevent and minimize damage from potential insider threats or advanced persistent threats.

Demonstrate Compliance and Simplify Forensic Investigation

Centrify gives you a searchable, global view of privileged sessions across your audited environment. You can find sessions for a specific user, system, action or a range of other criteria.

Unlike typical keystroke capture applications, Centrify records a user's entire session, including system responses and searchable metadata, such as user, server, command, success or failure and time. It stores the session data in a secure, searchable database and allows auditors to play the session back, so that all user actions and their consequences are viewable. Sessions are searchable on a wide range of criteria including user, date, time, server, specific event, failed event or by your own set of selected criteria.

The Centrify Audit and Monitoring Service allows customers to:

  • Get a global view of privileged sessions across your audited environment, and proof of regulatory compliance for auditors.
  • Easily search, report on and archive all session data. Centrify stores audit data in a non-proprietary SQL Server database.
  • Leverage several built-in or customized search options.
  • Create automated queries.
  • Quickly locate and investigate any specific suspicious activity.

Fulfill your compliance mandates through auditing and reporting.

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