Zero Trust – The Importance of
an Identity-Centric Security Approach

Today’s digital transformation initiatives have substantial consequences for a company’s overall security posture, potentially impacting both security architectures and attack surface. Traditional security perimeters are no longer compatible with today’s business models as both corporate assets and users are increasingly outside the perimeter, while targeted, advanced threats are shifting inside. Adopting a Zero Trust security model centers on the belief that untrusted actors already exist both inside and outside the network, and that identities and endpoints must be vetted and verified in order to grant conditional policies to govern access.

Join Bill Mann, Centrify’s Chief Product Officer, and Garrett Bekker, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, in a lively discussion around how Zero Trust concepts can be applied to Identity and Access Management, empowering organizations to better secure and control access in an integrated and seamless fashion and ultimately limiting the risks associated with identity theft and cyberattacks.

Attendees will also takeaway:

  • Top challenges and perspectives in implementing Zero Trust Security
  • The latest statistics on how breaches happen and why Zero Trust Security is important
  • Practical takeaways around how to start your Zero Trust Security journey with Next-Gen Access

Meet the Speakers

Bill Mann

Bill Mann
Chief Product Officer

Garrett Bekker

Garrett Bekker
Principal Analyst
451 Research



May 10, 2018

11:00am PT/ 2:00pm ET

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