Debunked: 5 Myths About Zero Trust Security

In 2018, Zero Trust Security gained popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Yet despite a rise in awareness, many organizations still don’t know where to start or are slow to adopt a Zero Trust approach.

The result? Breaches affected as many as 66% of companies just last year. And as hackers become more sophisticated and resourceful, the number of breaches will continue to rise.

Unless organizations adopt Zero Trust Security. In 2019, take some time to assess your company’s risk factors and learn how to implement Zero Trust Security in your organization.

Getting started is easy. Register today to hear from Tony Goulding, Director of Technical Marketing and Torsten George, Senior Director, Product Marketing as they:

  • Review 4 essential pillars of Zero Trust Security
  • Debunk 5 major myths about Zero Trust
  • Share best practices to ensure a successful implementation

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Meet the Speakers

Tony Goulding

Tony Goulding
Senior Director of Technical Marketing

Torsten George

Torsten George
Senior Director of Product Marketing



January 31, 2019

11:00am PT/ 2:00pm ET