Phishing scams and schemes are becoming more creative every day as businesses and individuals find themselves the target of new tactics and techniques. User education and beefing up an organization’s email security systems are two essential steps that can minimize the exposure to phishing campaigns.

However, recent research indicates that these preventive measures are not effective, as nine out of 10 verified phishing emails find their ways past perimeter defenses. Considering that most of today’s cyber-attacks are front ended by phishing, organizations need to adapt their cybersecurity defenses and focus on identity as the new security perimeter.

By implementing Identity-Centric Privileged Access Management (PAM) based on Zero Trust principles, organizations can significantly minimize the exposure of phishing campaigns by providing an in-depth defense strategy against credential-based attacks.

Watch this CyberCast on-demand to learn more about best practices to minimize your exposure to phishing campaigns, which are typically the precursor for credential-based cyber-attacks.

Our experts speakers discussed:

  • Phishing trends
  • Types of phishing campaigns
  • Tell takes of phishing campaigns
  • Preventive considerations
  • Identity-Centric PAM as a strong failsafe


Torsten George

Dr. Torsten George
Cybersecurity Evangelist

Michelle Ellis

Michelle Ellis
Information Security and Compliance Manager