Centrify Identity Service Mac Edition

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Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition allows you to securely deploy Macs and mobile devices with the same tools you use to manage PCs. It also extends your Active Directory-based management and security to the cloud and includes integrated enterprise mobility management.

Are you a US Federal employee or US Military personnel looking to access protected websites on your personal Mac?  Get Centrify Express for Smart Card.​

Reasons to try:

With the free trial, you’ll get access to all features and both community and standard technical support.

  • Enable device choice or BYOD while meeting security policy
  • Gain control of unmanaged Macs and mobile devices
  • Leverage your existing identity infrastructure, processes and IT staff

“We had a burgeoning – and now growing – Mac population, especially in the executive ranks. Registering MacBooks like mobile devices is a major benefit, and using the Centrify Mac OS client gives us a lot of flexibility because it integrates the Macs into Active Directory.”

--Steve Winter, IT Director, Apttus