Simplify Directory Integration and Single Sign-on for New Relic and all of Your SaaS Apps

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Centrify Identity Service securely integrates with Active Directory or LDAP and provides seamless single sign-on access to New Relic and all other cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps easy. Single sign-on lets you enter one set of credentials, and get secure access across apps and devices.

Register for a 30-day trial of Identity Service. Get access to all features with both community and standard 9x5 technical support.

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  • Seamlessly integrate Active Directory or LDAP and provide SAML-based single sign-on for New Relic and all other SaaS apps
  • Improve app security with user-friendly multi-factor authentication
  • Reduce IT burden with automated user provisioning and workflow for select apps
  • Manage mobile devices and access policies with a single solution