Comparison of Free Active Directory Integration Tools

Sorting through claims regarding the features and benefits of various freely available Active Directory integration solutions — ours included — can be time-consuming and confusing. We've put together the following document to help you organize your research and score the different alternatives:

Reviewer's Checklist

Some vendors provide Active Directory plugins for their operating systems, and free open source toolkits are also available. Centrify Express for Linux offers more functionality and more to upgrade to when compared to other free offerings. Here is what puts Express for Linux far ahead of those other offerings:

  • Enterprise-Class Reliability. Express for Linux is a subset of the same technology that our 5,000+ enterprise customers currently have in production on hundreds of thousands of servers.
  • Broad Platform Coverage. Express for Linux is not a point solution for a single operating system, but covers all of the most widely deployed versions of Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Feature-Rich Upgrade Options
    • Support for over 450 versions of Linux and Mac
    • Granular access control with our patented Zone technology
    • Group Policy enforcement
    • Role-based authorization and privilege management
    • Session monitoring and management
    • Server isolation and encryption of data-in-motion
    • Application SSO
Review your upgrade options
  • Ease of Upgrade. Because Express for Linux is a subset of our enterprise software, you have a simple license-key upgrade path to unlock our advanced features.
  • Ease of Deployment and Management. No other solution offers a centralized console for automated discovery, analysis, deployment and upgrade, plus remote single sign-on and local account management.
  • Complementary Productivity Tools. You also get free packaged and tested versions of Centrify-enabled tools such as OpenSSH, PuTTY, and Kerberized FTP and Telnet for secure, transparent single sign-on to Linux systems. Our Samba packages painlessly install and configure Samba to authenticate Active Directory users accessing Samba shares.
  • Attention to Detail. Express for Linux improves productivity by eliminating the need to type your domain name every time you login using your Active Directory credentials, and removes the need to support recent versions of Samba.
  • Rich Set of Resources. The Centrify Express Community for Linux and the Centrify Express Community for Mac feature more than just peer support forums; you'll also have access to a wealth of how-to videos, documentation, best practices and more.
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