Centrify Express for Linux and Mac

Active Directory Single Sign-on to Linux

Impress your boss and your boss' boss by enhancing security and reducing helpdesk burden with Active Directory-based single sign-on and password policy enforcement. And only you have to know how easy it is to centrally install!

Centrify Express for Linux is a free version of the same Active Directory integration technology that 5,000+ enterprise customers currently have in production on hundreds of thousands of servers.

If you have just a few non-critical Linux systems, then Centrify Express for Linux is for you; use it for free as long as you wish. If you have larger numbers of non-Windows systems, want enterprise support, or need advanced features, check out the differences between Centrify Express for Linux and Centrify Infrastructure Services.

Centrify Express for Linux Components

Centrify DirectControl Express Enables Active Directory-based single sign-on to Linux servers . In addition, Centrify Express for Mac centralizes administration of Mac OS X systems, while Centrify Express for SaaS provides Active Directory-based SSO for SaaS apps.
Centrify DirectManage Express Discovers non-Windows systems, installs the correct DirectControl Express agent, and joins the system to Active Directory.
Centrify-Enabled Open Source Tools Enhances productivity with painless remote access via OpenSSH and PuTTY plus Samba integration.
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Impress the Bosses: Save Time, Strengthen Security

With Active Directory single sign-on to Linux, your boss will love the way you've freed up helpdesk time spent provisioning accounts and resetting passwords.


Your boss's boss will appreciate the security benefits of eliminating shared accounts and enforcing Active Directory's password requirements.


Impress the Users: Log in Your Way

Users can log in using their Active Directory domain name, their old Linux or Mac OS X display name — or even silently using our Kerberized OpenSSH. Regardless, from now on they only have to remember their single Active Directory password.

Real-world Active Directory Integration

Centrify Express for Linux is the same enterprise-hardened technology currently used by government agencies and the world's largest retail chains and banks.


It supports the Active Directory global catalog, auto discovery and failover, complex trusts, and automatic Kerberos management. It even caches credentials for offline access.


DirectManage Express Feature Set: Power to the IT People

With the DirectManage Express features you will discover the non-Windows systems on-premises or in the cloud, test their ability to join Active Directory, download the right Express packages, and automate installation or upgrades to join the systems to Active Directory.

Be More Productive, Faster with Centrify-enabled Tools

Centrify's enhanced OpenSSH and PuTTY provide secure, transparent single sign-on to Linux systems. Centrify integrates Express for Linux with Samba to enable Active Directory authenticated users to seamlessly access Samba shares.


Best-in-class Support Options

As an Express user, you can get peer support on our free Express forums. As a customer of the full featured versions of the Centrify Infrastructure Services, you can search our extensive knowledge base and work with our 24x7 support team.

Regardless, you'll be impressed by the depth of knowledge available to help you be successful and get maximum benefit from Centrify solutions.

Easy Upgrade to the Broadest Set of Enterprise Features

You'll be using the same technology currently in production on thousands of Linux systems. When you need the Centrify Infrastructure Services' advanced features, they are just a simple license-key upgrade.