Express for Smart Card Download

Centrify Express for Smart Card is used across federal, defense and first-responder communities that require smart card authentication for CAC, CAC NG, and PIV smart cards.

Step 1: Download

Download the Mac Smart Card installation package (.dmg) below. You will be asked to fill out a simple registration form.

Step 2: Install

You will need to have administrative privileges on your Mac in order to install the software, or you will need the password of a local admin account. Double-click the DMG file, and run the .pkg installation package. When installation finishes, you will see the Centrify Express for Smart Card control panel.

Video Tutorial

More Information

See “Installing Centrify Express for Smart Card”

View the User Guide

Step 3: Configure

  1. Download the DOD intermediate certificates from, then open the MacAllCerts.p7b file.
    The Add Certificates window appears.

  2. In the Keychain dropdown menu, select System if you have admin privileges, or login if you do not have admin privileges, then click Add.

More Information

See “Loading DOD intermediate certificates into the keychain”

View the User Guide

Step 4: Try it with Community Support

Log in to a website where you have an active and valid account. If you have trouble accessing the site, make sure that the problem is due to your smart card configuration and not your account.

Ask questions and trade tips with Centrify staff and Centrify Express for Smart Card users.

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See “Troubleshooting Tips and Other Topics”

View the User Guide