Centrify Express

Mac Edition

Centrify Express for Mac is a limited-functionality version of the enterprise-hardened Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition, currently used by thousands of customers for Active Directory integration. By natively joining Mac systems to Active Directory, Centrify Express for Mac provides a single sign-on experience based on the user's existing Active Directory credentials while at the same time enforcing Active Directory password policies.

Join Macs to Active Directory — and Linux Too!

Centrify Express for Mac enables you to quickly and easily join a Mac system to an Active Directory domain, thereby giving you the advantage of a single administrative tool to administer authentication. With Centrify Express for Linux, you can extend the same unified authentication solution to Linux servers and workstations, while Centrify Express for SaaS provides Active Directory-based SSO for SaaS and mobile apps and manages your iOS and Android devices.

Impress the Users: Log In Your Way

Users can simply type in their Active Directory username or password to login into a Mac system. Unlike other Active Directory integration solutions, Express for Mac does not force users to type in their domain name every time they login.

Hybrid On-Premises and Cloud-Based Management

In addition to managing Macs on your corporate network, Centrify uniquely supports integrated management of remote Macs. Using standard Active Directory tools, administrators can update policies, lock or wipe remote Macs, thus protecting corporate data residing on portable computers that have been lost or stolen. Centrify's self-service portal lets users manage their own Macs and mobile devices, further reducing the total cost of managing an increasingly mobile workforce.

Quickest to Install and Deploy

Only Centrify Express for Mac does a pre-install check to ensure a painless installation experience. The installation process automates the join process when used in conjunction with DirectManage Express. It is the only free Active Directory integration solution that pushes agents to multiple systems from a centralized console.

Full Support for Active Directory Account and Password Policies

Centrify Express for Mac connects directly to Active Directory; therefore, all of Active Directory's built-in password policy features are supported as well as the flexible user-naming conventions of Active Directory users.

Cross-Domain Authentication

Users who are authenticated members of a remote domain can access a Mac system joined to another domain if the appropriate cross-domain trust relationship has been established. This is the same behavior that users would expect in an all-Windows environment.

Gold Standard Kerberos

Leveraging the MIT reference implementation of Kerberos, Centrify delivers the most compatible and mature approach to Kerberos-based Active Directory authentication for enterprise authentication. While many platforms offer some type of Kerberos support, setting up and administering the Kerberos service to talk with Active Directory securely and reliably can be a complex task on non-Microsoft platforms. With the Centrify agent installed, the host platform becomes Active Directory-aware and can take advantage of the Windows directory services, including automatic updates of Keytab files and Keytab versioning, automatic time synchronization with Active Directory, local caching for disconnected mode, and dynamic DNS support. This greatly simplifies initial configuration and provides a much higher degree of maintainability and reliability.

Microsoft Certified

Centrify offers the only Active Directory integration solution that has successfully passed the strict set of Microsoft tests administered by VeriTest/Lionbridge for Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2.