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Company Size

$12.2B (AUD)

“We could have used three different systems for three different things, and suffered through the compatibility issues, but Centrify has them packaged up into one nice solution that we found exceedingly useful.”



Poor employee communication was costing Snowy Hydro productivity. The utility’s extreme location, with above- and below-ground assets across rugged mountain terrain meant that no public carrier offered effective mobile phone service. The company built and implemented its own Wi-Fi network and selected Centrify Application Service as an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution to support it.

Project Requirements

  • Manage user access to sensitive information at a granular level
  • Ensure privileged users access to network apps via mobile devices
  • Ensure company controllers access to critical infrastructure apps 

Aha Moment

We started looking at Centrify for its Mac capabilities and found that it was also a strong user authentication provider,” says Martin Spencer, PC Asset Manager at Snowy Hydro Ltd. “It met all requirements – it could provision out our Wi-Fi network, provision apps to mobile phones and increase security. Centrify could better address our needs than any of the MDM solutions we were evaluating.”

Bottom Line

Key challenges were met: Centrally-managed soft phone apps allow Wi-Fi access regardless of location, corporate apps are readily available and security across the organization has taken a leap forward.

“Now, everyone is accessible at all times. Our controllers simply enter the portal and tap on an application to see how water is flowing through the dam or how much electricity is being generated. And we can rest assured that only the right people have access to the right information at all times,” says Spencer.