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33,000+ employees

"For employees worldwide, the access to applications – without being aware of the authentication – has greatly improved productivity and utilization of those applications.”



Centrify Identity Service has simplified the administration of creating new users, retiring departed users, handling those on a leave of absence, etc. - as well as managing their access to the suite of user applications. In addition, it has been accomplished without need to copy the Active Directory information into the cloud. Based on the speed at which users’ access can be updated, Shiseido has benefitted from both a reduction in administrative man-hours, and an increase in security.

Having an SSO solution that bridges the Active Directory implementation in Japan and all of the worldwide employees beyond it – and that enables user access to a portfolio of cloud-based applications – has allowed Shiseido to progress the strengthening of its IT infrastructure in support of its goal of greater global collaboration.

Project Drivers

  • SSO access to cloud applications as well as on-premise applications – such as Microsoft SharePoint – using the SAML protocol.
  • Supporting the authentication of Japan-based users via credential information held in Active Directory and enabling verification of non-Japan-based users outside of Active Directory.
  • Facilitating future multiple Active Directories, without the need for domain integration.
  • Having a user interface that offered local languages including Japanese, and administrator screens with similar multi-lingual capabilities.
  • Supporting automatic authentication connections between Microsoft Internet Information Services, Internet Explorer, and other Active Directory-aware applications.
  • Avoiding replication to the cloud of information held in Active Directory.
  • Laying the foundation for Identity-as-a-Service capabilities in Japan, and functioning as the hub for the provision of SSO.

Aha Moment

When evaluated against all of the criteria, Centrify Identity Service scored the highest – in part because of its App Gateway feature that enables single sign-on to cloud applications without the need for a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

Bottom Line

Immediately after Centrify Identity Service was implemented, users began enjoying the convenience and time-savings of single sign-on. For global employees as well as Japan-based users listed in the Active Directory there was no longer any need for separate credentials for cloud-based applications; greatly improving productivity and user satisfaction.

“With Centrify Identity Service global administrators are able to focus on keeping user access current and accurate based on the application toolset they need, without having to deal with rushed requests for individual credentials being needed for every combination of user and application.” – Kiminori Kimura, Manager, Digital Innovation Group, Shiseido Company, Limited