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Digital Advertising

Company Size

$140 Million

"We facilitate trillions of transactions a year. As with any company operating at such scale, we see frequent hacking attempts. Centrify streamlines policy implementation to ensure that our information is secure.”



OpenX administers and serves online advertising markets from five data centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. About two-thirds of employees use Macs while the other one-third use PCs – resulting in a hybrid infrastructure. The company’s steady success led to rapid growth, and soon its original security architecture required an upgrade to support the increasing demands of a global programmatic trading platform.

Project Requirements

  • Enable Apple File Vault disk encryption with enterprise key
  • Push out security policies and enable 802.1X network security
  • Bind machines with Active Directory as a pure object

Aha Moment

After rolling out Centrify to join Macs to Active Directory and to facilitate Apple File Vault, OpenX then determined a need to deploy 802.1 network security as well. “We leveraged Centrify’s automatic 802.1 policy when deploying security policies, and it immediately worked,” said Akash Patel, IT Manager for OpenX.

Bottom Line

Utilizing Centrify's identity & access management, corporate data on Macs is encrypted locally, backed up by company servers and can be accessed by an enterprise key that works for all users’ File Vault accounts. “Pushing out new 802.1X network policies was painless and seamless,” said Akash Patel, IT Manager for OpenX.