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“We originally selected Centrify as a single sign-on solution for Box. Now it's playing multiple roles including identity federation services for Office 365, and taking pressure off the help desk by automating password resets.”




Morris Communications outsources its IT services to NIIT Technologies, a global IT infrastructure solutions company. When Morris decided to migrate from on-premises Office to Office 365, NIIT Technologies Solution Architect Arup Chakraborty was given the task of finding a solution that would provide the identity federation services Office 365 requires. 

Through Centrify, Morris Communications employees around the world now have single-sign on access to Office 365 as well as Box, and Morris is experiencing significant savings due to more efficient license management. More apps are being added, including the Exceed LMS.

Project Requirements

  • Office 365 integration
  • Avoid the cost of implementing and maintaining new hardware
  • Avoid the complexity of AD FS
  • Single Sign-on for Office 365, Box and other apps

Aha Moment

Once Centrify for Box SSO had been implemented, the Morris team realized that the same security, licensing management and provisioning efficiency could also be applied to Office 365. “With Centrify we can disable a user in Active Directory and they’ll be automatically disabled across the board. Morris will save money on licensing and significantly decrease the risk potential,” says Russell Harlan, Director of Learning at Morris Communications.

Bottom Line

Morris avoided thousands of dollars in AD FS server and personnel costs as a result of NIIT’s choice of Centrify for the Office 365 rollout. “With Centrify, no additional hardware was required, little administration would be necessary after the roll out, and implementation was completed in about four hours,” says Arup Chakraborty solution architect with NIIT Technologies.